The Bootleg series is the signature style and presentation of the entire Suckadelic catalog. Each figure is manufactured by hand by The Sucklord himself (or one of his minions)  in his Chinatown Sweatshop. Edition sizes range from 12-60 pieces and are all entirely sold out.  This venture began in 2004 with the release of the dubious SUCKLORD 66 Bootleg, and has continued to this day with continual, steady releases. With several hundred characters in the series, this gallery represents the most popular, iconic, and successful examples.  


Another Bitch You Didn't Get To Fuck (2005)

Gay Empire Original Version  (2005)

Sucklord 66 (2004)

The Creature: Wrecked souls of forgotten War (2009)

Cracky Smurf (2013)

The Hulk IS Wolverine (2013)

Gay Enterprise (2012)

Branded: Outlaw (2014)

Occupy Cybertron (2011)

The Many Lives of MCA (2014)

Pink Toht (2009)

Jerry Saltz Art Critic Series (2012)

Chris Christie Hulk (2013)

Jaws: The Redemption (2013)

Band Of the Lost: Evolutions 3 pack (2009)

Katz's Johnny Salami with Lamour Supreme (2014)

Jokebat with Lamour Supreme (2014)

Licorice Leslie (2012)

Sexy Ronald with Wizard Skull (2013)

Jerk of Art: The world's worst Artist (2011)

Czarface with Lamour Supreme (2013)

Fly and Ruthless Mary Paper$ (2006)

The Surge (2007)

Band of the Lost Salarystak (2009)

Vinny Tony's Suck Pizza (2013)

Suckdominus with Appropriation Nation (2010)

Chinatown Warrior (2008)

Sucklord 67 (2013)

Toy Lords of Chinatown Sucktrooper (2012)

Bad Acid (2009) 

Sauron The Enemy (2015)

The White Rider (2015)

PATREON Exclusive (2016)