Suckadelic began in 1993 as a record label, dropping a handful of nerdy releases until it became a toy brand in 2005. The pinnacle of this enterprise was the Bootleg STAR WARS BREAKBEATS album, which broke into the College Music charts and was featured on NPR's ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.  Except for a couple of mix tapes with the DJ crew BAND OF THE LOST  and a brief flirtation with Nerdcore rap in 2007, the Musical output of the Sucklord has be regrettably minimal. That's going to change in the coming years as we get richer and have more time to do shit that doesn't pay anything, like music. The Sucklord has been holed up with his number one guy, THE CRYSTAL PHAROAH, writing songs and putting together mixes. Soon, we will be back out there with new shit. For Now, check out our SOUNDCLOUD page for free downloads of our old Hits!