Normally we don't like to "Toot our Horn" about interviews with the Sucklord because they are generally boring and he's kind of a dick and nobody really watches them anyway. But in this case we felt compelled to because everybody won't shut the fuck up about it:

This was produced by Joey Garfield of Ghost Robot. Vimeo added it as a staff pick, then Digg and Gizmodo and all those other guys chimed in, now it's all over the place. Good for us. Did you like it? If yes, then go further indulge yourself with this extensive text interview on our recent Wizards show at the GRAND QUARTERLY Headquarters. 


The NEW YORK POST has a New Video about the first annual PORNHUB NY Porn film Festival, and your boy and his ladies take up a lot of screen time. We were internet famous this week! If this still isn't enough for you, we added a gallery of a lot of our classic interview videos. Watch if you dare...