My Name is THE SUCKLORD. If you are reading this, you probably know that already. I’ve used that title since the year 2004, when I decided that this new, so-called “Urban Vinyl” Toy scene was full of shit and decided to take it on, one bootleg Star Wars figure at a time. This was when, almost 10 years into it already, I realized selling mix CDs based on Star Wars and Saturday Morning Cartoons wasn’t cutting it. So I re-invented myself. I dropped the name SUPERGENIUS, Took the Name SUCKLORD, and pitted myself against everything that KIDROBOT and all those other Toy Making douchebags were doing. I “Did it Myself” and became the master of the game for a good long reign; creating thousands of self manufactured figures and selling the crap out of them. I was my own category. I was King of the Bootlegs! But you probably know that already. 

 Hey, I was on TV! Remember? That funny guy on that Reality Art show with the crazy name. You thought he would be a Dick, but you liked him. He made the show. He’s very telegenic. Now there he is all the time, chewing up the scenery whenever someone shoves a camera in his face. Oh there he is on stage now with the mic in his hand. Oh another insightful and articulate interview? I’ll watch that. He’s good, he’s good. He should have his own show. But you knew that already…

In fact you know everything, don’t you? There goes the SUCKLORD again with another Mash up toy and his funny Schtick. He’s always there, we get him, he’s not going anywhere…

OR IS HE? I’ll be honest with you, it’s time for another re-invention. Just like it was in 2004, my current occupation is no longer serving me. My current identity is no longer serving me, my current fan-Base is no longer serving me. Just like it was in 2004, it’s time to flip the whole story around. You think you know me? You don’t. I don’t. So far I have only revealed a cardboard cutout of myself to you (and myself) That’s changing now. Everything is up for review. Everything is subject to change. (except my names. I just spent a grand renewing my Trademarks, so that stays) I’m going to reveal the next layer of myself, not my so-called persona, to myself and the world, and I’m going to attempt to profit from it. I would like to invite you to come along. It’s going to be interesting. It’s going to be funny. It’s going to be SEXY! And somewhere down the line you are possibly going to pay for it! This little “Blog post” is the first entry in a new campaign to write and publish and utilize other aspects of my playbook besides making crappy figures and being a charming rake on TV. All kinds of new media is about to get touched. Hang out with me as I work to get it together. I don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like, but I promise, It’s going to honest and it’s going to be real. You might relate, you might hate, but you will be entertained. Stay tuned…



 THE NEW ERA OF SUCKADELIC IS HERE! We took all the best parts of our BOOTLEG, SUCKPANEL, and MASHUP series and fused them all together. Then we pumped them full of steroids! The result was this:

 What you see here are prototypes of the first three SUCKPANEL GRANDE packages that can be made to order, for you, RIGHT NOW! We will not be listing these in the online store. If you would like to make an inquiry, contact: We will provide pricing and delivery info. Each one of these measures 14" across (heights vary slightly) and are mounted on 1/2" plywood with hanging hardware mounted on the back. Editions will be capped at 10.  

We plan to be making a lot of these things. You may wanna decide if you need to collect them all now...



Normally we don't like to "Toot our Horn" about interviews with the Sucklord because they are generally boring and he's kind of a dick and nobody really watches them anyway. But in this case we felt compelled to because everybody won't shut the fuck up about it:

This was produced by Joey Garfield of Ghost Robot. Vimeo added it as a staff pick, then Digg and Gizmodo and all those other guys chimed in, now it's all over the place. Good for us. Did you like it? If yes, then go further indulge yourself with this extensive text interview on our recent Wizards show at the GRAND QUARTERLY Headquarters. 


The NEW YORK POST has a New Video about the first annual PORNHUB NY Porn film Festival, and your boy and his ladies take up a lot of screen time. We were internet famous this week! If this still isn't enough for you, we added a gallery of a lot of our classic interview videos. Watch if you dare...


GIVE US YOUR MONEY! Paddle 8, the cool, new, hipster online auction house is giving the whole "Art Toy" thing a whirl, and SUCKADELIC has some stuff in it! This sale was put together by Mr. Auctions himself, SIMEON LIPMAN. We got a handful of Delux WAR PROFITEERING Mashups in there for some pretty reasonable prices (relatively) This must be Legit because there are some KAWS pieces in there. He's cool, right?

The PADDLE 8 ART TOYS sale goes until March 11. Register and bid now! Our entries are below.

(Thanx to URBAN HOOKER for the flix) 



2-26-2015 at 346 Grand street 7:30-10:30

Beats by The Crystal Pharoah + Live D&D by 20 Sided store + Grand Quarterly Zine release and the premiere of a short film (about the fucking Sucklord) by Joey Garfield 

The Sucklord's TOLKIEN fandom is legendary. In the year 1978 the young Supervillain's two great obsessions were STAR WARS (duh) and The RALPH BAKSHI Lord of the Rings animated film. This would continue well into his so called "Adulthood" as he became a creative professional and attempted to "express himself" through things like music and "Art." In the year 2011, The Sucklord had the opportunity to appear on a television program called WORK of ART: The Next Great Artist. This was a reality competition show in the same format as TOP CHEF and PROJECT RUNWAY, except in this case, the contestants were not chefs or fashion designers. They were "fine artists." The first challenge on this program was to re-interpret a piece of "Kitchy" artwork, selected by the artists from a collection of works provided by the show's producers. From a roomful of porcelain garden gnomes and Dogs-playing-poker type things, the Sucklord selected this:

 Clearly this was "right up his alley." A bootleg black velvet painting of Gandalf, ripped off from the movie poster image by Frank Frazetta from the Ralph Bakshi adaptation. It was The Suckord's task to recreate this and make it "Better." This turned out to be an impossible task because 1) It's already perfect 2) the Sucklord doesn't have any real talent and 3) there was only like 1 day to do it, and making a toy takes a long time. Needless to say, he tried, and after all this frantic effort, he came up with this:

 God it's awful! It looks like something a 10 year old Sucklord would have made. Instead of hamming it up for the cameras, he should have just did what he does normally and made a cool blister-carded action figure set. Instead he went for a diorama using a "sculpt" that he pulled out his ass in a few hours then cast in resin. It just objectively sucks, and not in the intentional "Suckadelic" way. It put him in the episode's elimination critique and almost got him kicked off. It was only an endorsement from the show's guest judge Mary Ellen Mark (a Saint!) and the fact that the pretty French boy made an even worse piece and caught the bullet. The Sucklord would remain on the show for five more episodes, making terrible artwork all the way.

Things went the way they did, and after it was all over, the the "shouldda, couldda, woulddas" kicked in and for years, the Sucklord walked around with an idea of what he should have made to not be so terrible, or at least do something closer to his real work. This idea just sat there in his mind for several years until a happy meal Gandalf figure showed up in a toy box donated by a fan. An offer to do a pop up store with an exclusive figure also arrived at the same time. Not having any real idea what to do for the figure prompted the Sucklord to finally decide it was time to revisit this old failure. Not only was the source material already in his possession, it was yet another opportunity to milk his fading TV fame for publicity one final time. The chance to bolster his nerd cred was also a factor, seeing how all that sex, drugs, and hip hop was making him look too cool for his fans to tolerate. So, here is what the revised attempt looks like:

Probably a bit of an improvement, at least it's consistent with everything else The Sucklord has made. In addition to these items, there is also the extended line of figures:

The set includes all the Wizards from Tolkien's mythology plus SAURON. The other guys are: Radagast the Brown, Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf the White, Saruman the White, Pallando the Blue, and Alatar the Blue. Never heard of the Blue wizards? That's because they are only mentioned in passing in the books and films, having wandered off into the East when the 5 wizards came to Middle Earth to contest the will of Sauron in the beginning of the Third age. They never returned and it is unknown what they did or if they were successful or if they even are still alive. It's one of the most fascinating untold stories in all of Tolkien's writings. (in the Sucklord's opinion) 

You can watch the episode of WORK of ART where this all goes down here:


 Thank Fucking God for SQUARESPACE!!! I have been trying to get a new Website since 2010. The last site I had was created in 2003 using Adobe GOLIVE (which is like Dreamweaver) and working on it was a living hell. Everything had to be done manually, it took forever, and it looked like shit. It had to go. I went through mad designers, developers, and programs with nothing clicking for me. I tried Wordpress, but I was too stoned and stupid to figure it out. Some other dickhole took $2000 from me to build some kind of CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, then promptly created a giant piece of shit, then disappeared. To make matters worse, I got some Malware on my server and had to delete everything that was still up from the old website and never fixed it. I just assumed I would get it figured out "soon" and just left it. For years all I had was a stupid homepage that linked to a store. No info, no photos, no nothing. YEARS LATER it's finally done! Everybody was telling me Squarespace was the shit, and it is! It took me about a week and a half to get used to it. (I actually punched another hole in my wall during one of the more frustrating interludes) But now that I suffered through figuring it out, I love it, and I recommend it. (The Customer Service People are great. They answer fast and put up with a lot of snarky emails where I asked stupid questions that were easily resolved just by reading the help guides) ANYWAY, this is huge news because so many of my initiatives have been on hold while I waited to have the website finished. To tell you the truth, I have been operating these last few years in a sort of developmental holding pattern. So much of what I am planning to do with my Business requires that I have a clean, clear presentation of my work that I can use to solicit bigger activity. So look out Suckers! 2015 is the SHIT! New Studio, new webstore, new computer, new website, newly single, I'm about to do some shit you never heard of before. Get ready.....